Welcome to Amira Cruise

Amira Cruises was established in June, 2016. With the motto of comfort and convenience for tourists while travelling in Halong Bay, we have designed the modern-style rooms with best facilities and luxurious for tourists.

Amira Cruises was launched to meet the travel needs of the families, who have always loved and desired a private atmosphere and cozy. Therefore, coming to Amira Cruises, tourists will be welcomed warmly and feel closed as home.

There are two family rooms and one double room which is an ideal for young couples in honeymoon time or couples wanting to review the old memories.

Family rooms with ample space are a perfect combination for parents and children. With an area of 30m2, it is a best choice for families of both financial and services.

We are committed and make sure that, Amira Cruises is not only a cruise but also the second house that giving tourists the comfort and the finest amenities.

It is really the right choice and trustworthy to discover Halong Bay.